DOMS GONE AWAY ,prt 4 in general chat


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“Dom McKay is resigning. He’s unhappy with the influence Peter Lawwell still has and has mentioned this to DD. Lawwell has been tasked with finding potential DoF for interviews. McKay feels he should be the one reaching out to potential candidates but DD has told him PL will be doing this. McKay has took it upon himself to resign mainly due to this and also other issues going on in the background. Relationship between him and DD has completely broken down.”

The WhatsApp message doing the rounds


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Celtic No place for auld men
Great film has everything
Boris Johnson as Ian Bankier
Teresa May as Dermot Desmond
Prince Andrew as Peter Lawwell
Tommy Sheridan as Dominick I do it my way Mackay.
Even JK Rowling couldn’t make this pish up.
for every step this Team takes forward
The wankstains of our Board creep oot the Shadows and fuck us up again.
What’s the betting Dom’s got an NDA
Hope no cause I think he’ll tell it as it is.
Same auld Celtic hate to succeed but exceed at being shoite
Board please just Fuck the FUCK off

HH 🤬