Dubai fiasco 13 players and lennon in isolation

green sprig

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Why was Julien who's out for months away to Dubai on a what we're told was a training camp ?
There were two statements Lunatic Harness I witnessed myself coming from Lennon the...
The first was when he was first asked if he thought the Dubai trip was a sensible move.
We are going so the Bhoys can have some R&R.
The second statement was..
We are out here putting in very tough training sessions..



Well-known member we fly off to Dubai in our elite bubble.....just like teams have done playing in Europe since the pandemic started.... fucking international players travel on their own to reach question is, will European football be postponed along with internationals??
You have more chance of catching covid filling up your car or going to the shops than you do travelling and being constantly tested with your own bubble.....
How did the virus breach our bubble?? Simple.....Big Julie was out hooring it in Dumbai

green sprig

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I think this is the straw that broke the Camels back,but I also think we will have the same Camel until the end of the season.
I also think this guarantees no new faces will be brought in during this window..
I would never have thought two men could bring us down as far as they have
Lenny obviously know,s this season is gone now completely,no more bullshit about winning all our games especially the two old firm games,it,s all gone,all we have left is our pride.
We can hope for another 3 old firm games this season one being a Scottish Cup meeting,
nothing less than 3 victories will heal some of the pain these two have inflicted on us once again.



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I think we can still field a strong enough team tonight to get a result at Easter Road.
Maybe the young Bhoys Lenny was afraid to play will show us why we dont need to invest in new faces..
Maybe Julien will be fit or was it only Dubai he was fit for ????..

it's at home
although the way our lucks goin i wouldn't put it past them to turn up in edinburgh


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You know a pub team would show more professionalism.
If you are chief executive of this operation then you should consider your position.
I've never called for Lawwell to go but this fiasco is absolutely full of mis management.
I don't blame Lennon etc, this is a corporate decision to sanction their employees going away to a training camp in a high risk destination in a high risk time.
It's complete nonsense and all this shite that we followed all the rules is simply classic deflection
Our chief executive is responsible and should resign.
It's just fxxking embarrassing
Don't like to remind you I told you so, but I did.
We all did , not a single one of us thought it wise to go , was always going to be a disaster and terrible PR. I even wouldnt be surprised if the story of '1 players tested positive ' was no more than utter shite prepping us for what's to come so far Julien lennon and Kennedy have been named as we await the usual drip feed of info and that won't happen until we see who's playing and who hasnt made the bench I'm am so fn angry it's just as well I'm alone in the house aaaaarrrrgh fuking idiots the lot of them , I might even have a shot at doing a better job at running this club that the current lot of " wheres my money? How much bonus you get? Brilliant" I have never said this before and probably its heat of the moment but i will not be buying an ST For next season , I feel like I've been totally fucked rotten by the club I live and breathe every day. They dont care about us but they care about our money let's see how peter fuckpig lawless thinks about that because I csnt be alone in this but I'll calm down first and watch this game tonight but I'm not looking forward to it our kids v a very decent hibs side I angry ashamed and raging and repeating myself I should go lie down fs


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Supporters stumped up their season ticket money to help out the club not knowing how the season would pan out . It is almost certain that we won't see a minute of action inside Celtic Park until next season ( possibly ? ).
This was common knowledge for months now , and with this new strain of Covid cutting the feet from everyone it was likely to be a rough few months ahead for all of us .

So what idiot in the Board Room thought it wise to take the team on a ''Jolly Boys' Outing '' to the Covid capital of the Middle East while the supporters were sitting at home , freezing their frustrated butts off watching the Manky Mob with the Devil's own luck streak away in the League ?


John n贸

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As far as I am concerned this decision made today is totally unlawful and needs to be called out.
A decision was made to allow this trip from government and Scottish FA, which was ridiculous in the first place.
Yet last week, wee Nic backtracks claiming it was allowed on a R and R (rest and relax, I believe) which clearly was not the case and calls for an investigation.
The Scottish FA refuse the request as they know we have done nothing wrong in only asking a question even though it was in bad taste imo.
Now the government and Scottish fa realised they they have scored a huge own goal, let's use the corruption route yet again when the biggest benefactors of such a decision will be the scum yet again.
How can a decision like this be made when so unlawful?
Putting life's at risk when there can be no guarantees this is not the case.
No way should this game be taken place tonight with such uncertainty still in place. I do not believe this game would have taken place in any other country in the world given the circumstances involved.
So why has the game been allowed to take place?
I strongly believe that yet again we shall punish celtic for showing us in government and the Scottish Fa what a shower of incompetent useless corrupt wankers they all are, and throw in PL traitor and you have the full set.
Of course this game could not be cancelled due to another shower of wankers SKY involvement and there promotion of the scum, and yet campaign on the kick it out campaign but yet I have no coverage from them on the abuse our team were subjected to at the pig sty and nothing about the racial on line abuse Jonathan ofo had to suffer at Dundee on Saturday.
Even the spfl who have already punished teams unfairly with 3-0 defeats which again I believe is unlawful as there is no way they can be held responsible for not been able to fulfil a fixture due to Covid-19 as we have all seen down south this is not the case with putting life's before football.
As also I believe they have acted unlawfully allowing there own rules to be broken by a club renowned for rule breaks and also the first to do so yet again this season with added to a yellow card been issued to Scottish football and yet try to claim they are the benchmark of perfection on how a football club should deal with this virus? Bullshit, more like another cover up to hide the truth.

I really do believe as a club we will never get a better chance to call out the level of corruption that is so rampant within the Scottish game. As much as I would love to see our youngsters given their oppertunity and would still win the game i believe that the princeables are far to big to be ignored any longer.
I call on celtic and Hibs to boycott this match by putting players safety before corrupt organisations and there showing that they are all uncapable of managering the Scottish football.
An immediate suspension of football in Scotland should be called in order for UEFA to carry out a full investigation into the shitshow of Scottish football at present, from top to bottom and also a chance to highlight the level of bias so called reffing that is also destroying the game, in FFP and adding to the benifits of only one shower of cheating cunts.
Of course PL traitor would not make such a call as he seems to be just as filthy as the manky mob.
I would like to think that maybe David Lowe of the celtic trust should use the resources of the Trust to mount a legal challenge against the powers to be, in order to maybe get some kind of justice within all of these corrupt organisations and there unlawful decisions.
I apologise for the long rant and wish all members of our club and support to stay safe and well as it is evident to me that no one else in Scotland do