Dundee United central defender Ryan Edwards will not face retrospective action for his tackle on Sevco striker Alfredo Morelos.

Tenerife tim

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How many kicks does it take to injure morelos?.
7,,6,,,5,,,4,,.go ahead . Lame that coon.

It's only a joke afore every snowflake and their dug starts shouting I'm a racist HH


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The expected over-the-top reaction from Ibrokes is normal ( ''everybody hates us '' ) . What is more concerning are the comments after the event from pundits who had seen the ''tackle'' and who almost all claimed that it was ''a horrendous tackle '' or words to that effect - ( Boyd with his limited vocabulary could only draw a picture with stick figures to illustrate the ''offence '' ).

Commentators who think that was a foul tackle should be quickly removed from reporting on football and given Netball duty !

A cursory glance at the incident from anyone ( Everyone ) who has ever watched/played football at any level would not have given the tackle a second thought - it was a coming together between two players during a match - something that happens many times in any match .

The hysterical reaction from Stevie G leads one to wonder how he managed to play so many years at the top level if he thinks this was foul play . He comes across as a pussy who would run crying to his mum if another boy splashed his new Castore Turkish Top with mud during a game .

Do you think Boyd, with all his newspaper experience, is still on those cloth books? There is a chance that he has been given his first Ladybird book by now.