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Mickey Mouse EPL, all former Celtic players have did it down there.

We don't get credit when a player does well down there. You wouldn't know Van Dyke played for us. Southampton discovered him....it was the same with wanyama. They hate the idea that such quality could play in scotland....arseholes like Ajer don't help when they spout their "I wasn't challenged enough" pish all over the place.


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Im with everyone else, pretty hard to stomach the energy and effort he put in and the obvious real joy he had in scoring.
I usually wish all of our ex players well and the only reason I wish this for him would be the cash we may get in a sell on clause.
Is it just a french thing this mercenary sulky attitude btw? We’ve had our share of it from that nationality.

Bellshill bhoy

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There’s a lesson to be learned here, NEVER keep want away, unhappy players, get rid off ASAP
Personally I’d avoid buying french players, we’ve had our fingers burnt by the three we’ve had, 2 lazy, moody sulking, throwing the dummy oot the Pram types, and wan wi a year oan the treatment table wi a sair knee with no sign if or when he’ll be back 😡


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As has been said already, in his last year or two he was a moody lazy bastard that got paid more in a week than most of us get in a year that’s not just disrespectful to his managers but it’s disrespectful to the fans that pay his wages,I’ve been deeply unhappy and totally pissed off in shitty jobs but you get on with it till ye get something else, like a lot of people these days not just sportsmen he is a spoiled entitled prima donna and can GTF


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Watched the guy many times in the flesh ...clearly talented and at his best head n shoulders above anybody in Scotland at the time ...after seeing him score his goals last night i thought fuck the cunt ,at least we got good doe for a guy who downed tools.Would rather wee Kyogo,a player who gives 100% and looks like hes grateful of being here .