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Piss poor performance today,and last week against Aberdeen,,players look like they don’t know there positions! at one point in the first half we had three wingers in the middle of an already crowded Dundee half..plus eddy!!and Toljan and Tierney up,,wtf....eddy getting a power online?everyone knows his power is coming in off the left,,which he proved with his goal today..also got to take into account the shite that mob got away with from madden,,Darren o’dea In particular fuckin rat seems to ramp it up for our visit,,


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£9 million pounds worth of pish if that's the best effort he gives fuck him off
Overall I think he had a horrendous game (not the only one it has to be said) up until his goal and I didn't exactly miss and hit the wall when I was discussing his performance today on another thread BUT he's a young guy who's still learning the game and the position so I think you need to cut him some slack tbh. Also he's popped up with some vitally important goals in games where we really needed them. He needs to toughen up and smarten up imo but he's got enough about him to be optimistic he'll get there.

If you want a complete striker's performance then you can't expect it from a young raw talent who's still in the learning stage no matter what his price tag is.



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£9 million pounds worth of pish if that's the best effort he gives fuck him off
Naw £9million, 3 points this game,yes it was dire. But to blame anyone, the other 10 played pretty bad as well. He got next to no service except we tried the same type of ball we got at Swinecastle. But when we ran at them on the left Eddie’s best position he scores. so a bit unfair, but everybody is entitled to their opinions. But onwards and upwards on to the Horde. Mon the Hoops.

HH ☘️👍


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Eduard performance today was poor but never received any decent service Sinclair. Forrest again missing apart from last move Dundee played five at the back and both wingers never once took them on going to byline and cutting ball back ooops except the goal Toljan also poor and again got caught allowing winger to get goalside of him criminal defending for FB not enough movement b up front and buildup slow and too square for most of game Hayes only player who took on FB and cut ball back from byeline Happy with pts players need to except responsibility on park and be more positive and courageous in play