Europe and Plastic Excuses

Bridie Bhoy

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I don't think it is an excuse to mention the relatively poor state of this plastic pitch, but it is a contributory factor that was not fully taken into account by our tactics or team selection. I think too many players looked jaded after their exertions on Thursday and quite simply Livi out fought us to get a deserved win. They did push things to the limit with the ref, but their limit was higher than the ref allowed us.

Probably our best player so far this season made a bad mistake and we never really got into the match after that. He'll learn and improve from this.

This is the joy sport where the underdogs sometimes overcome the odds. The successful teams just tend to have much fewer of these off-days than the rest, and that is why we have won so many trophies.


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Here's an idea. Why don't we play on a monday night if we've played on a thursday, surely that would be better for Sky/BT too as there's not much football played on a monday night so they would get better audience figures.