Fake Subtitles Latest - Sky Sports Escape Ofcom Investigation on a technicality

Lubos left peg

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So now we ban sky from parkhead until they tell us who arranged and allowed the translation to be broadcast?
Not a fucking chance. Lawwell has done his bit, expect the usual "surprised and disappointed" statement and then we move on. The board might even use the word "extremely" in an attempt to show they give a fuck. Let's face it, anything else will incur fines for breach of contract I'd imagine. And the board dont like fines.


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So essentially what we're being told is for example Sky put on a documentary which is blatently flawed on Sky 1 there would be no means of taking them to task as Sky 1 is also a subscription channel?😲

" TheTributeAct



Apparently Sky are off the hook with Ofcom because the Morelos interview was only posted online. It wasn’t broadcast on the TV station. "

So what was the intent of posting online and who was it aimed at, if it was not intended as a public interest story for the masses, then it is obviously fake news, so are SKY pandering to the huns online and putting out propaganda for the muppets. Defo time to boycott subscriptions.

Lubos left peg

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No much to laugh about after this weekend for him lubo.
He will feel like hes got one over us boab. His employer has got away with calling us racist after he got away with having a go at griffs mental health problems. I just imagine that the next Celtic game he covers for sky he will stand there with a smug smile on his face as a big "f%&k you" to the Celtic fans.