Favourite Beatle?

Lennono is Oor one and only John Lennon…..with a camera. His name is a combination of Lennon and Ono.
I was meant to go and see Ringo Starr in California last year but it was cancelled because Ringo had Covid. My sister in Law went to the rearranged concert and said it was brilliant. His backing band featured guys from the Average White Band too.
Number 1 60 years after first charting is some going.
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Look at it!!! Never seen anything like it in Scotland. I was sitting in a beer garden and it just strolled past on the ground!!!
That’s a fierce looking bastard there Lubo.
Dung for me! 💩
Good choice Docco, The sevvie turd beetle. We thought the the species died out in 2012 but a new species emerged claiming to be the old extinct species.
How sevvie turd beetles can make claims has never been explained.
...it's been a rubbish week, so after them being number 1 in the charts, who is your favourite Beatle?

Mines is George Harrison.

I think Winters will be Paul McCartney and Imatim's will definitely be John Lennon!!
I was too young for the Beatles but got into them in a big way in my late teens
Maw n paw were coming of age when that storm blew thought the world
Ringo was the guy aff Tam the tank engine by then
Paul seemed a bit of a tool any time i saw him
John was dead, whats cooler than being a part fo history
George was just George i suppose

But i watched the recent Peter Jackson documentary, aye all 8 hours...
My mind was made up, my favourite Beatle ended up Billy Preston

Nah serously, i think Paul got a raw deal over time.
I always lapped up listening to Lennons rants, he spoke to the young, still does
I found his solo stuff quite edgy too, i liked his tunes
They were all the biggest band ever, could have gotten anything they wanted, a recipe for becoming a bell end without question....but they were all quite grounded in fairness

But throughout it all, Paul was the guy trying to get it together in the studio and i also thought that he was the most decent and humble guy. When they were all sniping about Yoko practically sitting on Lennons knee etc. he simply said, 'if it makes John happy, its fine with me'

I have a different take on McCartney now, he's never really changed despite the fame, but when i grew up Bowie was wearing make up and Jammys poncing about with Mick Jagger, another 2 i thought were fucking idiots........ it took a number of years to realise, it was me that was the fucking idiot

Anyhow, mentioning the Beatles without a tune is wrong.... my alltime favourite, in the doc, seeing how it evolved from a riff was mindblowing