Favourite beverage.


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Bacardi and Diet Coke/pepsi no ice.
Love a half pint of Guinness and a packet of flame grilled steak crisps

TEA is the best of all time… but must be made in a heated preferably China teapot and China mug milk no sugar.
Did you know that tea heats you up when cold and cools you down in the heat.

Guinness is rank
it's the breakfast of champions.

John nó

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As a ex alcoholic I'm afraid its (Irish breakfast} tea for me.
I haven't had a drink for 23years 8months 4days 1hour 10mins but who is counting.
If I can give any advice to my fellow tims is always be able to have a drink by not overdoing when young :(
In the same boat scotcel, and even reading this thread was dangerous even after a number of years without drinking as the gooe can still become upon me, so will play safe and give this thread a miss and go and get a decent cup of tea


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Feckin alky....🤣🤣
when i used to Bartend over in the states i got into trying every cocktail i mixed as the beers shite you'd drink 20 buds and still be standing so got to know what drinks were good and what one's sent you off your nut and got you lifted

Then on the ship i was in charge of the stores so with plenty time on my hands and a store full of booze i'd get pished ,,,mostly on stoli as the Ruskis had loads of it for trading and i'd do trade offs with port officials and crew

The Russian wimmin would drink tia maria by the crate load and fill the bottles back up hand them back ,the men would drink black rum or Absolute ,,,,nae mare of that stoli pish gies the good stuff ,,,,they would sometimes return there bottles full of water ,,,,and the port officials well they bobbled off in there wee pilot boats ladened down with a cargo of of Non alcoholic bottles of tia maria and stoli

SEE everyone was happy ,,,,,,,,,,in Manila :cool: ,,,,feckin Diplomacy's an art form :LOL:


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Newcastle broon ale
Belhaven Best
Gin Saphy
Does Port love it
But had to stop 12 years ago causes severe pain in all my joints it’s too much to be worth the trouble. Still have the odd blow out but even they can be days of agony end up with a back like a jacobs cracker in a cup of water.
Now drink Tea like it’s the fucking elixir of life. Earl grey like the spices.
But miss a good Port

HH 😂


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I do like to drink on occasion,so, I though I would list my favourites and see if anyone agrees or would like to suggest ( no need to be rood, as if you wood) alternatives. Here we go .......
Beer... Innes and Gunn barrel aged Scottish ale.
IPA..... Williams Brothers Perfect Storm
Malt.... Kilchoman (Islay )
Wine .... Bodegas Caro (Malbec)
Coffee... Venezuelan dark roasted.
Tea ...... Fuck OFF.
so bhoys and ghirls ? You like ?
Can't take you seriously if you don't drink tea