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I won't for a second criticise any Tim that has to vent about it. No chance. 99% of the time it's in the back of my head
These are my demons
"Bayo not good with his feet shit defending on you tube gave him one or two more goals. unless the squad can whip a ball in accurately which right now with kt out I'm worried about it . So bring a loan that cant OB?
He is a runner= needed fine.
"Two prospects not good enough for LB and RB, why fucking sign them then unless they are going straight into the team or challange?"
My thoughts ...worry worry worry worry
I can't help it. It's a disease
I'll back verdict up to the hilt on that and every other matter concerning the board bar the millions as I dissagree about the costs of operation.

The EL to be honest no one here is massively concerned about. That could be an advantage....clutching at straws maybe. It's a have fun competition now with a bit of glamour. I'd say to the lads if I could. Enjoy it you got the points on your graft it's down to you now.
I'm on the edge right now of believing the hype of the new guys coming in. It's the same feeling after the hun game for me but an opposite flip. It's a welcome flip of the mind after that. I don't post it but I feel the same as some of the troops feeling the way they do .
Mental reset. Just do it. We have been taking the piss out of the huns for years for doing the same thing.
These players brought in have to make an impact. Add glitter to the graft of our trusted 11-15 best players.
These guys we are signing now plus a few more have to raise us a level or at least supplement the level we know we are capable of.
At a bare minimum I think it will wake up the squad which was the biggest thing that didn't happen in the summer.

I feel like a coiled spring waiting for the fitbaw to start again. I need medicated ??

I dont mind a vent bobo but its soul destroying listening to a vent turn into a year of broken records pal.

For me big diff between a vent than a doom n gloom hopeless merchant.

HH Bobo ?

Big Bobo's bunnet

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Back on Cape Canaveral.
Felt I had to say a wee bit.
It's the chipping away at the positions we are doing right now I'm liking. Bayo rocket heed. Manny cuts and changes direction as fast as any player, looks like a busy rwb. Haven't seen him tackle yet.
Same for the LB American that signed.
I was talking to the Greek chef in the kitchen he said that olympiakos rb for 4/8m was a malaka and was just having a good season nothing more. panathinaikos fan but
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