FF Meltdown "Unwashed scum at Ibrox today"


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The staunch really are so excitable. They are always asking if any of the Peepil know someone, as if they are poised to send out a crack squad. Fucking utter pricks. I love these types of things as I take the piss out of my mates who are from the dark side. I bet you most of the cunts who ask that would get their arse kicked by any cunt who could throw a punch or place a well aimed nut to the face.

Fucking embarresment. Followed Followed by Pricks.


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The comments on Folly Folly are almost Trump-like, in their simplicity
e.g: "Take the thread down, don't give them oxygen"
"Do we need sentries at Ibrox ?"
"If this was Belfast, there would be a riot"
Reply: "With who ? It's an empty stadium, with two guys holding a flag, there's nobody there,
(That's my favourite)
And they shout about us being an Irish team, yet this would cause a riot in Belfast ?
Delusional fukwits
I can picture a roster of 'Defenders' going round the Louden, & Ipox, as they cannot contain their hatred, of all things Celtic
"Right, so that's Wullie and Shug, on the back shift, at the park"
I bet some of these mutants, will try to find out who the Tims are, and enact revenge on them
Think you will discover they already know them and know of them and that is as they say is that ended, no comebacks, wound up, took their title bet off them and put them back in their box again. Glasgow is a strange city and all their bluster is mob mentality, they mouthed off about Mo Johnson and boycotts then went back to their stadium, they will do the same with the SPFL and then pau their money, buy their pies and get pumped by their board and then pumped by PL's fenian army. And if you do not believe this, FFS they let their club go for a quid and watched it die.


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when they were going for 9 cheated titles the Loudon at duke street had hung out flags and then got a small barage ballon with 9 on it flying above ,i was parked down the road near the bread factory and there were 3 tims parked up with the windows down and an air rifle takin shots at it

they eventually shot it down funny as feck to watch ,,,,only in glasgow


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Ye can tell a sevconian by the look of bewilderment on their coupons, the mono-brow, the sharing of the one set of family false teeth, a desire to have intercourse with the Pope, a level of fuck-witterry never before encountered among humans and uncanny ability to completely disregard facts and knowledge plus the overwhelming stench of corruption. Get thee behind me Sevco.

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