FFS Soutar hailed as big signing and Defoe a legend


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Driving home last night had to listen to all the nonsense on the radio about a fantastic pre signing the hunnies have made.
Apparrently weeks of nothing worthwhile to discuss, now this!
Turned off when it was spouted that Steve Clark was moved to tears whe Soutar scored for Scotland after being ravaged with injuries. 💤💤💤💤💤.


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When he was mentioned as a possible signing for us he was a hammer thrower and a clogger who was always injured.
Now he's signed for £50 for them he's the best defender in the world and the steal of the centuary.

Load of rubbish they are skint and can't afford decent talent.
It's a smoke screen to deflect from not being able to sign anyone for a fee.

Meanwhile the worlds most expensuve sub continues to sit on the bench at Everton
Not gonna get thise add ons if he doesnt play.
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