First Rangers Penalty of the day missed


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Its fucking unbelievable, first real attack from the filth, apparently Kirk Clubfoot falls on the ball accidently touches his arm and the fecking ref points to the spot, only going by radio Scotland but Killie started really well, therefore another help a hun day folks.
fullback made a cant of it and clubfk had nowhere to put his many thumbs the ref pointed within 1 sec , they just can't help themsels


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Forced myself to watch the first half. Putting aside for a moment the Huns are a bunch of whiners (jeez, do they always complain so much?), it looks like they're playing with a three-man advantage -- the team plus officials. There was one instance where an offside was called around the 43ish minute mark and there were about three players between the Kilmarnock player and the goal. Yeah, I'm new to this, but even I know the f@cking offiside rule . . . .

I am prepping for a meeting which will start around the time this game ends. Hope it turns out well . . . for Kilmarnock. Mon the Killie!

Lubos left peg

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Just read the match stats on Sky...the scum have committed 8 cards...killie have committed 8 fouls....3 cards. Now I know I'm not watching the match so don't know what the fouls were like but my god can the officials be any more blatant in their help towards sevco