Five predictions for Celtic by 2025


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In the style of MD.....
2025.....After finally getting fed up with the constant letters, emails, texts and seeing me just standing outside his house night after night, day after day. Jam finally realises nothings worth this hassle and gives me MY boax.
2024....I'll be released from prison
2023....I'll get caught trying to rob jams house to claim MY boax.
2022...I bring the whole Celtic noise forum down with my hacking skills as punishment for no one supporting the claim for MY boax.
2021...I spend months with cyber experts, paying thousands of pounds to become a cyber supervillain hacker to reap revenge on the noise for banning me from the their forum for constantly going on about MY boax that was given to someone else!!!
2020...My dad gives me a boax. I think I'm happy but I just cant get over the injustice and betrayed of MD giving my boax to Jam...
That’s ffs genius noo get the fuck away frae the lamppost outside ma Hoose ya bampot it’s mine mine a tell ye.

HH 🍀😂😂😂


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2020 tan jamsams house on the night of the copenhagen game take Lubos boax back and keep it for myself (let him bleat )
2021 don't pay the subs launch the boax in another dodgy raffle using hoopys Md only hat
2022 go on a thia tims tour of the flat earth to see if the sevco were ever coming
2023 am deid
Hi you there will be no Sunscreen put on ma Hoose ps make sure yir funerals oan a Sunday
As Tractors will be banned frae the roads except oan a Sunday cause awcuntknowstractordriversareFUDS

HH 😂


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Martin Commper finally plays a Celtic game
Broonie’s Testimonial 2026.
a Roon Earthur falls oaf the Flat Earth
my boax Stiy away.
Jabba explodes as Ramkers die
Kelly finds a Personality?
Thai Tim talks sense.
MD picks a radical Celtic team oaf Eeeelllleeevvveeennnn (11). They win.
Artur says 263 days till Xmas
Hoopy and Kelly still call him a Fud
Steviebhoy 2037 finally wires a wireless plug the right way.
still goat ma Boax I’m now staying in Fort Knox.

HH 😂😂


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2021 10 in a row
2022 11 in a row
2023 12 in a row
2024 13 in a row
2025 14 in a row and I'll lose my season book for announcing that Bobby Sands was indeed my hero.
Also in 2025, The shameless glib and liar will be on the run with the CIA FBI MOSSAD and Glasgow District council in hot pursuit.