FK Sarajevo v Celtic - Match Thread

michael duffy

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Thanks a lot. I appreciate that very much.

Yes, we have our hopes high since it's a single match. If it's home/away we know that it'd be so much more difficult for us. We will give our 100% for sure. We are aware you Bhoys are really a better side.
Good to hear from you rajvo, welcome back to the 'Noise' hope we have a good open game tomorrow and a victory for Celtic of course!! ah big hello to our friends in Sarajevo HH ☘

Winning Captains

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michael duffy

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FK Sarajevo v Celtic Preview: The Bosnians are more inclined to cross the halfway line than Riga...this one from Niall J...

Great bit of espionage Niall HH


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Team prediction :)

Bitton Duffy Ajer
Frimpong Brown Christie McGregor Taylor

I think it will be another tight affair with us winning by the odd goal :) 2 v 1 Eddie, Eli :)
Good Team so that’s not the one we’ll see don’t be surprised if big Jules isnae oan from the start.
Let’s pick up from Sunday get into there faces press, press, press
If we go with the above Team 3-1 or a single goal 36 men behind the ball wi Speedy Gonzalesivic. On the counter
But ffs just Win
Mon the Hoops

HH 🍀

10 in a Row

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Made a school boy error when Nisbet caught him at the weekend so hopefully a lesson learned.Every defender makes the odd mistake even the best.

I think Duffy is abit rusty as he had hardly played much football when he joined us..We knew when we bought him that he wasnt quick but he doesnt need to be when we have pingpong and Ajer to cover..Duffy will do what he was bought for , dominate in the air and tackle hard plus motivate the team as hes one of us :)