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For the record when they started their pish about Celtic boys club I pointed out that legally they are nothing to do with us but Celtic and every single fan condemn the dirty bastards and would do what we could to make sure they rot in hell. I the pointed out that all areas in society have an issue, even them..I mentioned the board sending a victim to the administrators, not to point score but to make a point about it happening which I had a reply of.....

"That's one guy man come on 😂 yous would have a a queue for compensation the size of London road 😂"

How can you argue with that logic 🤔
Hunfuderry thats what it is. It can only be described as Hunfuderry.


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After moaning at me about corruption in scottish football I finally got my hun mates to admit they would have never caught us. I was told that it should be 8 and 3 quarter titles. I asked about their shared title with dumbarton 😏....quick subject change. Some chat about the fenian SNP and Lawwells best mate Doncaster. I was then told 9 should have and asterisk. I sent the list of EBT trophies....I was told that a really good lawyer said they were to keep those titles. I was told the 5 way agreement was a fantasy made up by Lawwell and the Celtic board....I asked why were they so angry....they have admitted the titles ours...we all agree Doncaster useless so what's the problem....they then started their shite about Celtic boys club....that's when you know you've beat a hun in an it. 🍀🍀🍀
I think we should all agree with that very clever hun twat that that said we’ve not won 9iar it should be classed as 8 3/3 stops all the arguing and every one is happy


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Huns Total Absence of Introspection
It continues to haunt them, i'm not sure the cunts will ever prosper until a process of self-analysis and introspection becomes 'normal' and mainstream over there in the way that grievance, persecution and conspiracy currently reigns.

First off, i'd have loved to have finished this off on the field of play, if the roles are reversed and we still had a chance of mathematically catching them then too right I'd be outwardly raging. Inside however I would know the score. Facts were we were thirteen points ahead and motoring, they were thirteen points behind and floundering, if there was even a hint that their post Christmas atrophy had turned around then maybe they might have had a point, however even the most curmudgeonly observer based on all available form (both current form, and course and distance form) and facts could only come to a conclusion of a Celtic title win and probably by a significantly greater margin than thirteen points.

If the huns are angry at Celtic winning this title, then I'd suggest a period of introspection should be their starting point in any inquest or inquiry. Why did their team go from two points behind with a game in hand on 3 January to thirteen points behind on 4 March? Why did their star striker valued at tens of millions of pounds (their estimate) effectively rap it after Parkers? What questions are they asking of their completely uninspiring captain and a manger who presided over a complete collapse? What questions get aimed at a barely functioning board who preside over an on-going shambles in governance terms, stumbling from court case to court case?

Everything with the Huns however continues to be "all about the Celtic", any rage or anger is directed outward in an explosion of invective and grievance towards the football authorities, Celtic and wider Scottish society. Compare and contrast with the self-criticism and analysis of Celtic fans. I've saw the manager, the board, the squad et al take it in the neck from our fans, often way over the top to be honest. However, i'd sooner have us searching inward when things have gone wrong rather than dissolving into a miasma of grievance and explosive finger pointing at everywhere but where it should actually be directed.

I haven't come across one of them who wants to hold their hands up and say "we fucked it up", long may it continue because the lack of any meaningful degree of introspection from them is going to propel us to ten and beyond.

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Read first paragraph but had to stop because I haven’t a clue what introspection meant ???
Can’t remember the last time I saw a word I hadn’t a clue about please explain


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Talking about comedy gold, KB.has resurfaced to state that he does not fear playing the current Celtic team.
It is his opinion that there is not a great deal between Celtic & Sevco.
Also mentions that Celtic have had too much of their own way.
Easy said when he has never played them.
It is embarrassing enough when you see the tosh spouted on the Bile
Bears 😆😆forum but he is getting paid for it.!!