From Wavetower to The Rangers FC Group Ltd(Idle speculation with some oddity)


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Most people will be aware by now that Rangers Holding companies didn't actually die it was the club in accordance with the law.

Craig Whyte bought Rangers FC PLC (RFC) aka the club for 1 pound. When RFC the club died the old holding company of Murray lived on as its old subsidiary died. Few years later I think Murray holding company also died or similar disease. Craig Whytes company Wavetower Ltd changed its name to The Rangers FC Group Ltd (TRFCG) owned RFC until the club RFC died. But the holding company TRFCG didn't die.

This is the stuff thats known knowns but MSM pretends clubs can't die and holding companies of club die instead. But clearly thats not the case with RFC anyway.

Now TRFCG is still alive and kicking it was once the subsidiary itself of Liberty Capital Ltd. But is currently the subsidiary of Worthington Group allegedly known associates of struck off CW. Now according to this link Struck off Craig is associate of the new owner of the empty shell TRFCG.

Last year I was looking on companies house website just messing around looking at some companies and I thought I would look up wrvetower ltd which sent me to trfcg listing.

Now thats one odd set of accounts going on in there.

Anyway point is companies house is open to all online and its worth a peak in my opinion.

last year TRFCG came out of dormant to start filing accounts again albeit the weirdest set of accounts I ever seen. Basically a director gets paid large fee each year but accounts have no cash but does have a large debt that was due in August 2018 of circa 10 million.

Anyway I had periodically been checking to see if that debt got paid in this years accounts.

Well i checked today and new accounts filed.

The company still bizarre accounts but the debt owed is now circa 20 million but a payment was received of around 3/4 million

Anyway point of thread is why is there even a company called TRFCG ltd still kicking around, it claims that it has been subject to large fraud. Anyway I post this incase someone much sharper than me can unravel the oddity that is this subsidiary of worthington group,

Heres an old old link to a news paper clipping that may be of interest to the oddity.

Now I have no idea if these two stories are a red herring but I thought it may be of use to someone.

Feel free to re-eductae me if Im barking at the moon and this strange company is really just kosher and its me thats weird.



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Send that to Phil Macgiollobhain Bill,he’s seems to have good knowledge on they kind of things & he claims to have inside info.As you’ll know as well he predicted the downfall & he also has a numbers guy to makes clear some what the facts & figures mean.


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TET hows things see the bun fighting still takes place regulary over in the old saloon, the moon howler still thinks the clangers are alive and living in a hollow moon, told his public the moon is a light. Anyway the issue you raise the very chappies to shed light id the Scottish Football Monitor they will take on the query and will give you mpre than you could bargain for.
Anyway good to see you are still posting and HH.clangers.jpg
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Feel free to share it with SFM or Phil or anyone else.

Justa curiosity I can't work out.

Probably nought but the emails in the first link in opening dialogue is quite intriguing if its actually real emails.

Worth a peek just for OHHH if nothing else hahahah

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