Gary Breen must be on the poitin.


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A lot of good points lads as usual, the point I was trying to make was that Duffy has made a move to us not only football reasons, but for emotional reasons also, the pull was far too strong to turn down, he's doing this partly in his father's memory, that's a helluva force pulling on the heart strings. In the cash rich modern era of the game we all love, I find it refreshing that Big Duffy has join us for the trophies, and the chance to play at paradise, Mr Breen could easily have said, 'well he might be joining an inferior league with inferior opposition, but no way could he have turned down a move to Glasgow' he's definitely entitled to his opinion, but who says romance is dead? When it comes to football, Mr Breen does.
Mr Breen would be best served to be reminded this wee inferior club and city provided a means for his own folk to flourish and become a force in society, when they were faced with severe impoverishment, so we may be competing in an inferior division, but worldwide people tune in and buy merchandise and take part in events to thank the founders for the small miracle they performed and brought to an end the brutality shown by the haters of his nationality. Celtic is no small club, Celtic would dwarf most clubs in the right location.
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You lot do know this is the most anyone ever has spoken about Breen like most other english based players they know fk all about football up here and going by the the long list of ex epl players who came up here and got foundout

He'd be best commenting on pigeons


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Irish international Gary Breen has been sharing his wisdom by telling us big Duffy has made a big mistake coming to play for his boyhood heroes. I'm sure the big fella won't be paying too much attention as he's too busy walking around with a smile on his face at the moment. He then says the big man's made a choice which will have a detrimental effect on his career.
He then hits us with the auld shite about no striker in Scotland would get into a EPL side. I'm thinking this eejit won't be watching too much sportscene on the iplayer.
Gary's probably not Irish enough.