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I would suggest that in terms of leadership savvy AND IN TERMS OF ATTRACTIVENESS, the Republicans ladies in The North win hands down over their Unionist opponents. Unionist inbreeding might eventually lead to a lack of Unionist babies.....as no man would wish to reproduce with a Unionist 'lady' creature of the standard referred to in this thread.
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Id rather just no think about my tool when thinking about her 🤣
I know a man who owns a dress shop and a couple a years ago he got a call from arlenes Secretary looking for an evenin dress for some fancy dinner. He sent a van load a dresses for her to try on. He said it was like tryin to put a dress on a bag a spuds. Nothin would fit her.
She ended up with a trouser suit.


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Our clubs all charity even towards our foes so maybe start a gofund me page so Arnie sorry Arlene can get his homawes cut aff🤣

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