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Just stuck a tenner on it and my potential return is £1 mil 🤣

They will not settle if it comes up

A man who sued Coral for not paying out £250,000 on a bet that Rangers would be relegated has lost his legal fight.

Albert Kinloch, 72, placed £100 at 2,500/1 on the Ibrox club being relegated from the Scottish Premier League (SPL) in the 2011/12 season.

Rangers finished second in the SPL that season but lost their membership of the Scottish football's top league due to off-field issues."

Hahaha finished second, lost their membership, off field issues, aye right BBC they got fucking liquidated, report the facts ya lying bastards and the guy was robbed if they are as you claim the same team, then they were relegated, but if not then he lost the bet because the huns died and you cannot relegate a dead team into a division.
Watching you BBC
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