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Got rid of the stooges but kept the pensioners,Mc Gregor De Foe and Stevens,perhaps they are after thier pension pots? Can't beleave any manager would keep them,or why,none of 3 are capable of playing a full game never mind the season,still if this is thier standard can't see any problems coming our way,


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The real reason they're keeping Davis, Defoe and McGregor is because they've seen how utterly inept Slippy is at spotting a good player. He hasn't bought one decent signing since he started.
Aye true....and that's efter pleadin fur tae get '6 million' or whatever it was fur Kunt…..Honestly Mr King...I know a guid player when a see wan...He will be a great signing.....Dun the gun tae the heed.....went to feck efter that....even the huns were agreeing he wiz utter pish...

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