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We watched that last week and thought it was pretty weird. The parts with Hitler in them were very funny but not so sure about the rest of it. I'm glad I saw it but won't bother watching it again.
just rammed home the stupidity of War for me Bridie especially the Scenes with the Gestapo and the bodies hanging in the streets. And the elderly and kids being armed to die.
Almost like the last scenes from Blackadder
Sheer ffs madness

HH 😱


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I know I’ll take pelters but watched Jojo Rabbit on Friday. Thought it was a great wee funny and moving film 👍

HH 👍
Brilliant. Best film I've seen this year. Sam Rockwell kills it as the gay Sergeant; costume revelation in the heat of battle near the end cracked me up, and the first fifteen minutes is an utter riot. Black comedy at its finest and like Blackadder Season 4, nailing the horror backdrop of the reality of the times perfectly, with its surreal humour ripping the pish out the Nazi movement.


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Yeah I did, was filmed in St.Mary's Patrick Street, wasn't it ?
One of the best, was Sweet 16, with Martin Compston, true to life as it gets

Yes, in there, murdie dam/park and other scenes lynedoch street.
I've come across MC a few times being a local lad, grounded and Celtic daft.
Gets a bit of a hard time here, billy big time etc. first time i met him was getting some arsehole out his face
One time in Canada, got back from night out and cousin was channel hopping and Sweet Sixteen was on, so watched it.
The smack den scenes (in Kenilworth Crescent) my cousin says feck me that looks fecking disgusting round there, how can people live there
i'm like, eh, i stay 500 yards from there and you've walked through there when over here a ton of times :)