Great start to season


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Played 2 Won 2 Scored 12 Conceeded 2
7 different goal scorers

5 shots on target today 5 goals What does that say? Why didn't have more shots on target?

Get the defence sorted out and we'll have 9IAR tied up before Glesga Derby in December

When Broony put the uncontested ball out for a throw in we should have run up the park and scored In the MOTHERWELL WAY?????????



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A brilliant start and o ce we sort out the defence with additional quality to match what we have from mid to front then we will be even more of a sight to behold.

Less emphasis is always placed on our defence for some reason and that reason means we fall through slack play and monumental individual errors that have cost us dear.

We need to address this with investing real money on real players. We do that and we compete better on all fronts. We don’t and our Achilles heel remains. We all know that. I just hope the club do too. We have the money. Getting better gets us more money through the CL.

Grasp this opportunity Celtic. We have had quite enough of watching us let them slip through our fingers. All that strategy does is let others get closer. Why the fuck woukd any Celtic man or woman want that? We don’t. We want them in misery. Let’s deliver that misery in spades.

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