Greg Taylor has arrived


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Taylor has definitely grown into the team. One telling point was during the post-game interview when the interviewer asked if he had heard what his former team had done, and he essentially said all he's concerned about is how Celtic does.

Not bad for a kid from Greenock.

Welcome to the Noise, Rebelbhoy.
Greenock has produced some good players
He'll do well with the Boys
Mon the Greenock Bhoy !!!


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Howdy y'all, Newbie to Celtic Noise here, looking forward to getting involed in the stimulating chat that ive read so far(y)
Thought it was GT best game in the hoops tonight. Defo growing into the role Lennon has asked him to play.
Welcome the the Noise, Rebel
Stick around and get involved
Lots of good Bhoys & Ghirls on here
Glasgow is indeed, Green & White