Gregg's customer causes £2000 damage to counter trying to recover price of a football club

green sprig

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The deludables are asking each other over in fallowfallow now if they would settle for a draw at minihunsville on Sunday..
This guy is obviously one of the zombie generals,,here is his reply..
What a f---ing stupid question to ask,,could you no have waited till we find oot the night how we got on before asking a f---ing stupid question like that,,have you no thought what happens if they get a goal the night and we have got to come back here for the replay..
Do we think maybe his auld Ma forgot to switch his lights on before he left the hoos..
Definitely more to be pittied than laughed at..



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There was a story Frenchie circulating that at one time you could have bought a place called ipox for a £1,but dont know how much truth was in this rumour,,..
A guy called Whyte might be able to fill you in about that..

Sorry unsure how i missed this 🙈

Yeah 😂😂😂 i hear he’s a standup fella 🤣🤣