Griff has to start

Griff looks overweight n unfit to me at the moment. Once he shifts a couple of lbs, he will lead the line for me, still feel eddie is finding his feet n not used to leading the line on his own
We don't create enough for either to do well. Our play from the edge of our box to the the of the opposition's is the problem. Far too slow, too many touches, no one looking for space to receive the ball in the opposition's half. We end up knocking about between the back line and Brown for ages.

Lubos left peg

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I could play up front and I'm makes no difference if all we do is pass the ball from defence to midfield to defence to out wide back into the midfield..back to defence...maybe get Gordon involved who will give it to Brown who came deep to get it. To boyata who is now under pressure so back to Gordon who punts it out the's no wonder sometimes forest or Sinclair or Christie are put in the forward position. Brendan could stick Bain up there. They won't get a fucking touch