HAIL HAIL Where we all from?



I’m hoping that aint the red hand he’s hoddin up. I might be tempted to go freakin mental.

Could be innocent we shall soon see


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I can recognise big Billy, Ian St John, Denis Law and after that I haven't a clue.
Listening to catch up on radio snide ad free and news free, BFDJ and HK going over Celtic as usual and their did at Celtic and the defence so i decided t have a wee look at the table and us and Livi are the teams who have conceded less goals. Who turns the key before they let these fuds out.

Thius leauge is unfinished business, Europa is the competiton we did not need as it just added more games with little return, Celtics aim is the CL get out the prelims and the 40 mill is easy street with no massive expectations due to the draws we tend to get. These clowns with their negativity and attempt to derail Celtic will damage Scottish football. Scotland needs a strong coefficient or the smaller SPFL clubs can kiss goodbye to the development payments they recieve.

Its not really about Celtic is it, its more about who Celtic represent.
The Scotland team from the 60s ,(Paddy Crerand,Big Billy us ()Jim Baxter,Eric Caldow,)Rangers ,Bill Brown ( goalie) Alec Hamilton ( Dundee) The Lawman Denis