Happy Lisbon Lions Day

Gran'da in goals. Dentist at right-back, arsebooter at left-back. Quiet wee fella at centre-back.

Wee gingey wasp on the right, no so gingey wasp on the left. Barrel-chested (wee beer belly) in the middle alongside the latest advert for brylcream.

Skinny wee streak o' lightning up top, right next to a proper unsung, but matchwinning, hero.

10 men led by one imperious captain at the back and the domineering general in the dug-oot.

Who'd a thunk it?

God bless them one and all
History made. Memories forged, adults crying tears of joy. A culture released from the ever-present feeling that we were considered " different ".
The absolute chest-swelling pride we felt: that pride is a lasting legacy. We as a culture within a culture feel, almost, a sense being vindicated. Over the top ?...Well, not for me.
Stories handed down through generations will never die. Those stories, that history is what defines us. A culture united by a common bond.
Speaking for myself, that period in our history simply lives in my soul.....And we ain't finished yet.....dreams and songs to sing ?...you bet !
Was up north on Saturday but remembered the day
Was fortuate enough to meet and party with the Lisbon Lions over twety years ago
Also enjoyed a visit to Celtic Park where I met John Clark, a few team members of the Martin O'Neill era, and had a tour of the stadium
May 25 1967, the day we will never forget
Also May 26 1967, when you couldn't get down our street for tripping over Hun tv's

I always remember ma maw, telling me her da, (ma grandpa) brought home a brand new black and white tv, (the only wan oan the street) on the day of the game, he handed ma granny the payment book and said “you’ve tae pay that up”
Ma maw said there must have been every Celtic fan in the street in her parlour that day, they all brought a chair and a carry oot, gave ma granny a shilling each and she went tae the shop and bought stuff furra halftime purvey.
Ma da got a cuff round the heid when he jumped up when the 2nd goal went in and hit his heid oan the big light and broke the glass shade, granny made him buy a new one 🤣🤣
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