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We weren't going to be caught by them and they know it but unlike them we will take the title but would have preferred to have played to the finish and done a great deal of celebrating afterwards


And they are on record saying they didnae want to play any games behind closed doors.....they even dug their pitch up.....huns and the truth Eh!


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Well ,it would only be two games,!!!!! So could be done,maybe πŸ‘hh
Looks like they are trying to hold off until the fans can get in. That might
mean waiting until 2021. I remember we won the league cup twice in one year at the end of the 60s or start of the 70s. There had been a fire in the stand at Hampden the week before the final was scheduled. We eventually beat Hibs in March / April time and won it again in November or December when the football calendar returned to normal.

Great trivia question. In what year did Celtic NOT win the league cup during their six successive triumphs between 1965 and 1970?

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