Happy Valentine's Day


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Happy birthday son
Thanks mum
Mum, when did ma daddy die?
8yrs ago the day son
What was he like mum?
A dirty orange bastard son
Did he die alone mum?
Naw, he went down wae the rest, son
Down where mum?
Down the stank, the lavvy, son
Did he suffer mum?
Aw his life, watching thae bastards, son
Why did he never acknowledge me mum?
He said you were really him son
That's not fair. I was born when ma daddy died, mum.
Wish thae bastards would understaun that son


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Just remember to leave your hat on lol
Hat? Lol. Just off out with my crazy pal soon so really should get a move on. Might need more than a hat though, its not very nice outside today.

have a good one yourself imatim.