Hartson calls on board to publicly support Ange


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John Hartson was on The Go Radio Football Show last night and he gave his full support to Ange and his football philosophy. JH seems to be impressed with what Ange is trying to do.

Show available here go to Oct 5 show down the page and JH starts talking about Ange at about 25:40

“I do think there should be a statement coming out from Celtic to say ‘we’re in transition, we’ve had to build a whole new team, we’ve made a lot of changes, and we’re behind Ange.’

“Whether or not they’re telling him that internally [I don’t know]. But I just feel as if that would stop a lot of the noise about Celtic.

“In January we’re maybe going to strengthen. Give him another window or two more windows. He’ll be feeling pressure and I just feel that would help the cause.”

Quotes swiped from Celts Are Here but he says a lot more than that. At the start he talks about the refereeing of the Sevco game and he talks about the Celtic game after that so it's actually not a bad 25 mins before he says the above. I listened to it to verify the quotes and get the start position but stopped listening after that.

If we get through this international break without further injuries we'll have a more settled squad and Ange will had more time to work with players still onsite. I believe the board should come out with several statements of support. Firstly they should get Ange a proven defensive coach and reassign John 'job for life' Kennedy a role in a non-football-operations department. They then need to make a significant statement in January to bolster the squad with players who can play Ange's system and replace those who can't.

I wouldn't trust any statement, verbal or written, though. I remember too well their statements enabling Lennon. Unless they are prepared to back Ange with the personnel, both player and coach, who are good enough to produce what he wants they are throwing a lifeline to Sevco. Again.

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Ange was dealt a shit hand by the tory board, dom was dumped because lawell pulled his chain. Dick Dasterdly has long since left reality . we need to rebuild from the ground up, no one on our board has any character


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I dont get it….there’s something going on in the background that none of us are party to.
I just refuse to believe that the board of Celtic FC would willfully or even unwillfully act in a manner that would see the club regress the way it has.
Something somewhere has our clubs hands tied behind its back, PL or others have our club up to its neck in something that others are free to make demands that are to the detriment of Celtic, be it the 5 way or whatever else, something smells real bad to me.
Sevco have been allowed a foothold, in fact, they have been given a leg up, the governing body wont touch them no matter what they do, Celtic wont challenge them no matter what they do, all other Scottish clubs make no noise whatsoever, the media actively encourage and support them no matter how disgusting they or their fans behaviour is.
Sevco know they are UNTOUCHABLE, its whats making them untouchable that we all need to know.

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