Hate Marches ...Only in pure wee dead brilliant Scotland.🤮

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Tomorrow will see another town in Scotland having to endure the intimidation and hate against other peoples religious beliefs disguised as some sort of traditional right of the institutional establishment.
We all know if this was a march against any other religious demographic other than catholics it would be classed as an outrage.

This topic should have been right up there in all of the scottish political parties manifestos as a serious issue that must be confronted if any of them are to be taken seriously.
Aberdeen Council were the only ones brave enough to make a decision, the others are running scared.

Many business owners in Gourock heve decided to close for the day due to the decision at a substantial loss.
Apparently they were not consulted.
Starry, it was Aberdeenshire Council rather than the Aberdeen that made the decision. Both councils are absolute clusterphuqs as they are coalitions of Tory & Labour councillors with opposite agendas who only wanted to keep the SNP out of power.

But this is one of the few decent decisions the Shire made and I suspect the City council would do the same if the bigots tried to organise a march down Union Street.
Let's face it these strolls are just a bigotfest a chance for hate filled peepil to dress up and showcase their prejudices in public in the full knowledge that our great wee country will carry on accomidating their racism .
Billy does it because his da big billy did it and wee billy will do it because his da billy does it and on and on it goes .
Anyone else notice when the numbers were dwindling they ramped up their demands to walk past more chapels and predominantly catholic areas to try and get all the lost Billy's back
Culture my erse
O God its that time of the year again...

Business disruption - - -

poor struggling Taxi Drivers being re-routed and having to charge more for the fare..

Cops getting overtime for a wee sashbash...

Council workers cleaning crews on bonus money...

And pallet delivery drivers get a armed escort to deliver their goods leest they are swiped for the bonfires to burn anything green and Catholic in origin...

Kulture ma rrrss as a famous Royal used to opine...

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