Hearts v Celtic, Scottish Cup Qtr Final - Tynecastle Sat 11th March 12.15pm

Celtic 3 - Decapitation FC 0
Halliday must love being subbed against us, as he gets serenaded by the Celtic support
I thought Clancy did ok today, for the most part
Our Japanese Bhoys have slotted in very well
Kyogo what a player, took his goal beautifully, he's a handful for defenders with his running into space
Well done Celtic

I think the coaching staff have to spend time with Oh…..he needs to understand there’s a time to go alone and a time to play in someone else, which to me he isn’t doing as much as he should…..I know he wants to make an immediate impact, but it’s not all about the glory, it’s about what works for the team…..this Bhoy is very raw, he has pot but needs to work at his game…

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