He's Arrived


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You might be right, Stevie. He'll only have been training for a wee while.

Tell you what, though, he does not like losing by the looks of it. That sounds like an inane comment but there's a few in our squad who don't seem to realise that at Celtic you have to win all the time, every time.


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Ireland with so much possession it's hard to judge Shane but got to be honest when i do see him i can't see who he's covering. Just floating around. I hope he's just not match fit as his old club were only a few weeks into pre-season.
No match fit, bt he is not d quickest 2 turn or most mobile wen fit.

Any1 who follows IRELAND (not just 2nite) knows Shane is a massiv asset n solid plyr, 100% evry time, fearless. D sort of CD every team shud hav as a base.
Hes not stupd aggressiv, doz not hv 2 b az hes a mountainman who luks like hes playing agan under age.

He is a ltd plyer, & nt d bst passer of a ball, but Shane's + pts (which r rare) far outweigh -


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Wot Celtic will get
  • 100% player & a Dolph/Bobo-like fearless defender, zero chance of a Dykes type just bullyin him off d ball like Jullian
  • 100% fearless header of a ball, who knows how 2 hede D ball into d other teams net - unlike Ajer.
  • Brill at set pieces - all we need is sum1 who can actually take cornerz to put it near his hede.
  • A leaders voice in defence, Barkas needs 1 as he seems 2 b stuck on mute.
  • A big positiv personality dat will fit straight in, (seems evry1 at brighton lovd him)
Both CJ & KA can learn a lot from him.

He'll b a Great massiv positiv asset 4 Celtic 2 hav.

Bhoy kn Shane fukin leap


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He'll soon b fit enuff!

Shane wll not b changin r midfield defensiv probs which is r glarin biggest prob.

No defnder alone or even d best 2 in d world wud b abl 2 cope wiv r habitual MASSIV gap (wen evr we lose d ball in attack) between r attack back 2 typikaly just 3 left in dfenc includin broony.

most of d time we get awy wiv it in d SPFL

But until NFL sorts a defensiv midfield which hs a system n players who r able 2 cover,
den we will sty open 2 suckr punches on shut pitches n be hit again n again in Europe.

R current system makes Ajer n Jul luk bad at timez.

All it takes 4 any half decent defensiv side is 2 just sit in, 9 in ur own half defend n hassle like fuk, ride ur luck n just hit any long diagonal OTT of 7 attackin Celts > leavin just Broony coverin a half acre in frnt of a 2 man dfence. (as taylor will stil b MIA chasin back d ball he just gav away)
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At least we will now have a greater threat from corners with Duffy and Julien ..I remember in the MON days we were brill from corners and set pieces as we had Bobo, Johan,Joos,Sutton,Hartson and Larsson and Petrov was decent in the air also..Its amazing for such a huge and athletic guy , how weak Ajer is in the air