Hey Mad murph,welcome tae the "noise" whit ye up tae!

michael duffy

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Are most American rap bands sectarian

Im sure their songs of injustice are played in pubs all over.

Sing about injustice for irish people in UK then its called disgrace.

And they demand permission to shout about murdering irishmen for telling a true story in a song
TET did ye watch the troubles, a secret history, it's on bbc i player,confirms what ye just said! and feckin more, confirms what we all already know!

michael duffy

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theres a prick presenter on radio 5 live, called stephen nolan, he wiz talkin tae a labour activist aboot jeremy corbyn, he accused corbyn of bein a terrorist sympathiser,because corbyn condemned all terrorist acts, but did'nt specify ira terrorism, my call never got through,the gist of which was, nolan, dae you condemn, loyalist terrorism,in collusion with the b specials,ruc, ruc special branch,udr,british army,mi5, british government,wonder why tat was!


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There is an excellent series on Prime, Easter 1916, which focuses on the signatories of The Rising. Well worth watching.
Been researching and reading a lot about Eamonn Ceannt last few months and his life is an incredible example of what being a man is all about, truly reaffirming what it takes and an example to be held up to us all.
Highly recommended n rewarding . A true Patriot and incredible human being!