Hibs v Celtic - Match Thread, all comments here


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So the GHirls have laid down a marker tonight. A very comfortable Hibs 2 - 6 Celtic win. So to the Bhoys ra morra. Can you top that? I would fuckin hope so. ⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽.

Then just to ice the cake, Budgie's bunglers lose to The Pars. Oh we're to good to be sent down.👶🧸s
Saw the end of that game. JamTarts are falling in the Championship table. Couldn't happen to a better club . . . .


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You ladies and gents will have to keep me updated on match tomorrow. Been stuck in hospital for last 3 days. Back decided it didn't want to control my legs anymore...lazy bastard!!!
The heights some folk will go tae tae git ma Boax thurs na shamin yi 😂
All jokin aside Lubo get back on your feet quick smart bud that wee lass o yours needs yi big man so do wee.
do what the Nurses tell you and remember
When they say this won’t hurt Brace Brace Brace YNWA use a Walker you know it makes Sense

HH 👏

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