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OK so this is definitely NOT a highlight of the season, but for me it is one of those "sliding doors" what-if moments. It was the outrageous shocking foul by Halliday on Calum MacGregor in our opening game of the season. CalMac was on a good breakaway and the sloth-like hatchet-man Halliday knew he hadn't a chance of catching him so deliberately tried to break his ankle with a shocking illegal scythe down that was a good 5 yards away from the ball. This was not just a trip to stop our attack, but was an overly aggressive premeditated assault in which the chance of serious injury was very high.

Of course, the MIB Madhun, who has been known to frequent the Bigotdome to support our very bitter rivals, decided that this horrendous illegal attempt to inflict injury on the best footballer in Scotland perpetrated by his chum and podcast colleague was not even worthy of a yellow card, never mind a straight red that the laws demand that he should have given.

MacGregor was extremely lucky to escape very serious injury - ripped ligaments or broken bones - as he went right over his ankle as it buckled due to the force of the very late impact. There was a very good reason why the laws of the game were changed over 40 years ago to remove these diabolical hacks out of the sport.

It is scary to imagine the impact on our captain being sidelined for several months at the start of our tricky campaign. He ended up being our player of the season and also the player of the season for the entire league. But if we had missed his influence, industry, leadership and continual high standard of play in practically every single game, then I seriously fear that we probably would not have won the league.

Angeball would probably have not been nearly so effective so early and the pressure on him last autumn would have built and built by gleeful media and hundits. Who knows - Ange may have become viewed as a failure (our version of Paul Le Guen or Pedro Caixinha) as he might have been chased out of the club before his tactics and philosophy got a chance to take effect! And Halliday's ex-club (and the club bet-loving MIB supports), sevco, would have sneaked the league title and been guaranteed the Champions League windfall their kamikaze financial approach so desperately needs.

Well said!

It’s almost as if Halliday and Madden were in tune, isn’t it...


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For me its more a generalisation, the way the bhoys overcame, week in week out, the interference of the loyal MiB.
The stopping tactics, turning the blind to the bad whilst flashing the yellows for the merest to us, stuff like that, whilst Sevco were aided and abetted at every cut and turn.
We still prevailed..there’s a togetherness and a will that wasn’t there under NL, Ange’s “we never stop” mantra, the players have all bought into it.
All of the above highlights are a product of that.
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