HMRC Statement which contradicts MSM


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Barry Ferguson aint a comfortable bunny with the factual analysis presented.

Weird that the people who could quite easily dismiss the conjecture and shed light are all bound to non disclosure oaths.

But they have no problem highlighting anomolous little details that support the opposite hypothesis.



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April already or is this just another king fantasy,never read so much rubbish since the last round of what passes for media gags,or is King hopping some mug is going to beleave that sevco are going to get a massive tax rebate (give me 10 million and we will pay you back when we get our tax rebate)which if you think about it even if and it's a bloody big if and some sort of money was returned to the oldco what's that got to do with sevco who claim to be a new team under a old name,although I must admit did make me laugh when one of thier ex directors said they should have been only charged 20 million in back taxes for cheating,are you sure it's not April