How can you spot a troll?


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Well , the guy I was speaking to in the pub last night , the one with his trouser leg rolled up and the forked tongue , said that he had proof that Lawwell was a high heid yin in the funny handshake club and that the Pope ( also known as Nick to his close associates ) has had all the ancient Jesuit maps showing the true shape of the Earth destroyed so that they can continue to rule the masses with fear and superstition - and that Crystal Palace ( and Real Madrid ) wanted to sign Defoe , but pulled out when they heard that Sevco were interested .
He also claimed that Charlie Nicholas was in the running for the Brain of Britain title and Kris Boyd is being considered for a Pulitzer Prize for journalism and is being lined up as the head of PR at Celtic .

...and he didn't stand his round , by the way ! Do you think he was a troll ???
I think he might have Ben the ominous TGM

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