huns in seville


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Both Rogic and Bitton chose to move on with their careers elsewhere. Sometimes it isn't about the money.
Aye and I get the wanting to go out on a high thing for biton but for rogic and his age given he kod a CP exit last season is still a concern for me .
Rogic is the kind of player we would like to bring in.
Perhaps hes just not for playing an hour then 30 minutes then an hour then 30 minutes.
I hope he gets a decent club.
Rogic really is a legend in my book.

Bellshill bhoy

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Huns are oan the Scottish news saying they’re fans weren’t treated right in Seville, what do they expect? Spanish police have seen the Manchester and George square videos, this is the type of treatment they’re gonna get for evermore, no police are gonna get caught unprepared like the Manchester police, or do the Scottish police tactics, “we’ll just let them do want they want, video them, then try and arrest them over the coming weeks” 😡
They reap what they sowed……


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We should tell them they were exposed to Dihydrogen Monoxide, a chemical that kills hundreds of thousands a people every year. It can also quicken the spread of disease. It has caused thousands of environmental disasters globally and can exist in three different states, liquid, vapour and solid. The sevvies were exposed to it.
Dihydrogen Monoxide sounds like a very dangerous chemical.
Its the verbal expression of H2O, it’s just water.