Ibrox Concedes.


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Should Stewart Robertson not be stood down by the SPFL while these procedings are going on especially when it comes to the club he is a board member at who is asking for an INTEREST FREE LOAN..
There must surely be a conflict of interest here..
I keep asking the same question every time something like this happens...
Defend your massive wage packet and do what every Celtic supporter wants you to do..
Stand up and be counted...just like the peepuls representative on the spfl board and sevco board is doing..

He's no Fergus McCann, that's for sure.


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Maybe you all think I'm mad but I feel that Celtic should put forward their own counterprosal tomorrow.
"All monies to be distributed equally between all clubs".
I make it that of the £8 million to be distributed, our share is approximately £1 million due. Sevco £800,OOO. An equal distribution gives approximately £200,000 per club.
Call the Sevco bluff of being concerned about the smaller clubs. Let them put their money where their mouth is.
I would then go further and establish a hardship fund of £5 million from our own cash reserves to help all Premership clubs only, who can prove they have a serious a cash flow problem. This fund to be managed independent of us by financial experts. No club affilliations/ SPFL or SFA involvement.
We would survive it, help clubs in need, call the bluff of cynical opportunists. Indeed the cynical opportunists would have access to it but it requires honesty from them.
We have blown much more than this recently on below par signings and associated wages and have still done well. It would be a continuation of our founding fathers' principles except we would now be helping needy clubs instead of needy people. HH.


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Huns radio reaching out to the gullibles.
If the huns want to pretend that there concern is corona been the bigger issue than a title been handed to Celtic, why the fuck are they moaning about it. If the pandemic is the issue that is most in their minds, why then is their board wanting money from the SPFL and calling it prize money. Whilst playing to the gallery they want a null and void, The huns are bumming their gums and making the usual noise about legal action and will not accept decisions, who the fuck are they to demand things they are the youngest team in the divison and lucky to be around if they want to take a moral high ground and shout about integrity and asterik titles or tainted titles because they were not in it.

They have been shouting about null and void and clearly they know UEFA are not wearing this so they can freely shout about as thery feel secure it will not happen, this is playing to the gallery in the security that they are safe this is not happening.
TBH, who has more to lose from this in the bigger scheme of things, who has more to lose from no European football according to UEFAs bluff card. Celtic would rather play the games and forget the empty rhetric, the hun media fed the story Celtic want the title, not Neil Lennons opinion piece, but Celtics, the whole of Celtic.
Celtic's Neil Lennon was asked his opinions, his second opinions on football and the corona outcome and impact ( after previously been asked about closed door games which he addressed), the question this time was what he thinks if the title was null and void with no title won and he gave the opinion that this would, in his mind, be unfair due to the amount of games played and points ahead.

Peter Lawell and Celtic backroom staff and shareholders are the men with most to lose should EUFA carry their threat out of no teams in Europe, so basically why would Celtic with a full squad to choose from and 13 points ahead not want the games to go ahead, based on form Sevco have dropped points to the two teams from the bottom of the league and even got put out by the team facing relegation, so who would be entering the games in the best shape with a full and now fit superior squad to choose from, is Sevco really attempting to convince their fans that Celtic would from 8 games and based on fixtures not pick up sufficient points to nail the title.

Do the huns believe Celtic would drop 13 points and concede a sizable amount of goals to damage their superior goal difference, Sevco are playing to the gallery and they cannot afford a null and void if it was possible, they are losing money like all clubs and they have a superior wage bill second to Celtic over other clubs, they are cap in hand fending off the wolves, refferals in wages,litigations,maintenance, no investors, no bank credit line, no sponsorship and no events to tide them over due to lockdown and added to the fact that null and void deprives football of any prize money as null and void means nothing took place, fans can get their season ticket money back, Sevco fans cannot due to tie ins.

This is all about Celtic getting their nine in a row and faced with uncertainty there is nothing to stand in Celtics way when the new season starts, Celtic are already tied into a new sponsor deal and no doubt will regain the Magner and dafabet, they will sell out their stadium and add new season tickets for the ten. Celtic want the games to progress for based on the odds they will win the title with a bit to spare and then they will be gauranteed European football with a shot at 30 mill to build the resources back up again and they will have players that can be used as assetts should they not reach forecasted targets. Celtic is still in a healthy position of strength and Sevco are aware of this, a null and void would hinder Celtic in Europe, its not about Celtic wanting the title on a plate,for Celtic would rather see the games out, Sevco are staring into the abyss and they see the hole they have dug getting deeper with this crisis not easing off anytime soon.


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Keep your eye on the Masonic cartel operating out of the SFA, SPFL, Ibrox, Tynecastle, Easter Rd, Hamilton, Falkirk, et al

They will close ranks and march to the same beat of the lambeg I’m betting.....Lawwell better be ready for what’s coming
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Keep your eye on the Masonic cartel operating out of the SFA, SPFL, Ibrox, Tynecastle, Easter Rd, Hamilton, Falkirk, et al

They will close ranks and march to the same beat of the lambeg I’m betting.....Lawwell better be ready for what’s coming
How they gonna know a fake mason from a real mason now with social distancing and no hand shaking they are fucked, fake mason cartel has them by the six feet rule