If Celtic wasn't in your DNA ?


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Hi 50 Shades, your reply made for a very enjoyable read. I think in many ways there's a similarity running through most of the replies to this thread; and you've summed it up perfectly...emotional attachment, a feeling of belonging to something, well, very very special.
I think if some alien was to drop in on us earthlings and try to analyse the extent of our emotional attachment, he/she/it , would probably think it was irrational. But it's very definitely, permanently, set in stone. I wouldn't have it any other way.

I'm really glad your health issues are on the mend, I have a younger brother who has MS, and really the only time he gets out of the house is when I take him out. Sadly he's no longer fit enough to go to the games. A massive chunk of his life has been taken from him.

You lived in Dunoon you say, that's where my wife is from, mind you, we were out the other day and we met an old school friend of hers she hadn't seen for many years....my wife introduced me as her FIRST husband. I think maybe she's trying to tell me something. Take care mate. HH
Sorry Frank, i think your on your way oot pal.🤣🤣🤣

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I think there’s a Celtic tsunami coming.....the new CEO is a man who gets things done.....the clean out is underway.....the new manager and coaching staff will excite the Support I do believe.....we are going on a new adventure and we will be gone from the SPFL within 5 years I further believe.....lessons have been learned.....strap in we’re going on a new and wonderful journey.....imo...😀
Now THAT'S what I call positive. Cheered me up no end .

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All my mums side are Catholic. My granda on her side spends more time at Chapel than he does at home. All my dad's side are prods. Could have been very different for me. My granda on my dads side wasn't into football but he was an uber proddy, and although he is a very different man now, and I love him to death and I've never seen a bad side to him, I believe he was a very different man in the 70s and early 80s. He warned my dad to stay away from Catholics. Naturally my dad went to prod schools and supported the huns till he was about 13. That all changed when he went to paradise with his celtic fan mates. He fell in love with the hoops then....ive heard the story that when my mum was pregnant with my big sister my granda was in a pub telling anyone who would listen that "none of his fucking grandkids will be Catholic" to that my mum, the fiercest person I know, told him that all his grandkids will be Catholic and if he didn't like it he would never have anything to do with any of them, and if he said another word on it she would kick his baws....my dad, who isn't religious and doesn't care either way, didn't have a say in it. 🤣 So we are all Catholic due to that incident and we are Celtic fans because my dad saw the light at 13 years old......again, can I add, that my old granda is one of the best men I know. I think he changed the day he held my big sister. 🍀🍀
You ll never beat the Catholics Lubo ...😂HH

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