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Indoctrination into the staunch "We'll dib dib dib..."
"Will ye aye?" :rolleyes:
Scouts and Cubs...'Bob a job week'...that was the beginning of child labour
Then decades later, it was "Psst...Want tae buy a dob ?"
when asked at a later date about the BB, maws reply was you need protected from both sides of the basket case society we live in, on one side you have the staunch orangemen, on the other side you had sadistic nuns running schools,
Celtic was somewhere in between, so i was okay with that :)

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According to Saul

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I'm not a nurse. I work in supported accommodation with folk that have severe and enduring mental health problems. And the clients don't keep too well either. 😂
Didn’t know you worked looking after Huns, Sham. LoL.
to be serious, my Missus worked as a carer attending people in their homes having Mental and physical problems so I know how demanding and stressful your job can be and the wages certainly don’t equal all the hard work involved. I can’t praise carers and nurses enough, let’s here for the Shamrock.HH

According to Saul

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i'd hammer in the morning
i'd hammer in the evening
all over this ......

reminds me of the BB, not bridie or belshill

i sold the soul i never knew existed and went to the Boys Brigade on a Bosman for 6 wk's.
I've never been inclined to give a fuck, who, what, colour, religion etc.
that was my parents upbringing, simple, don't lie, steal or disrespect our name

so BB, went well, enyoyed it even, my pals were there, but after a few weeks i qualified for a name, from the jungle book, made up, but hoping for shere khan, bagira, even baloo, they gave me the option of the snake or the lone wolf, didn't register then like now, but in addition, i was fast-tracked to be the flagbearer i.e. protect, fold, worship that flag before god save the queen was played.

At the time it didn't make a dent, but after rushing home and telling my (protestant) mother of the luck that had been 'entrusted on me' in being the only 'catholic flag bearer in the district' and the fact that they'd nominated me to be the snake character, she congratulated me on a job well done, told me that in the short time i'd been there, i'd reached unsurpassed heights, 'faster than anyone ever had before me'.

Funnily, she then bought me the set of golf clubs i'd desired for months and told me that the only night i could play on the local course was the same night the BB was on. My best pal informed me, that while i played golf poorly, big Maggie visited said local kids organisation to advise that the 'snake' wouldn't be back over her dead body and proceeded to call out the organisers for their intelligent, humourous but clear victimisation of her Catholic son, which if repeated would lead to her besmirching the branch and brusing far more tham their ego's.
Well done, the Gloves Mum. I was in similar circumstances, as a youngster, four mates and myself would go to the local Band of Hope on Thursday nights. We enjoyed it as there were passages and stories from the Bible and at the end of the night we had Q and A sessions and the five of us always knew the answers and the prize we would get might be an orange with a sixpence inside or an apple and sometimes,sweets.we always made a kill as the Hun kids were thick. This lasted until the forth week when we we’re barred entry. The reason, we were so good at answering but friction was building up with the other kids because we were R Cs. One of us said that we liked the stories and that we would not put our hands up at the end but the organisers said they were concerned about our safety. Prejudice for nine year olds.


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Was at the game today tried to find him and couldn't was gutted I no there's been directions posted previously whoever that was gonny plz repost and I'll find him on Thursday night cheers in advance👍it's actually my first proper look at it all the celtic way is superb imo seen alot of kids getting pictures took at statues and beside they're bricks and paving stones so we'll done the club on fixing the surrounding area so brilliantly HH