Ironically enough, I'm going to be in Glasgow tomorrow, but I'll be up by Govan Road way, BB.

As Shammy will likely testify - Govan's not too bad give or take the midden and it's surrounding area; however- I'll still be bathing in Holy Water and making sure my boomstick is cocked and loaded to deal with any errant zombies.
Will you nip in and get me a couple of pies. Cheers 😘😋
Goosebumps walking up this tunnel and very emotional. I felt like I was ready to take on the world. How inspiring would it be to walk up here to a packed ground singing YNWA?

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I'm doing the tour next Saturday canny wait won't be any fans in but walking out that tunnel with my uncle tam who got me into celtic he's 75 this year so I'm doin the tour with him it's gonny be amazing doing it with him HH

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