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Some of my greatest days as a football fan have been supporting Scotland, but I don't look forward too, the modern international break as much, 3 games in 7 days ffs

However I do fancy 2/4 weeks in Germany June-July 2024 for the Euros. Having to play Ukraine game postponed from June today, Ireland a home on Saturday, then Ukraine in Poland on Tuesday. 3 wins will do nicely, but unlikely, would take 2 wins & a draw

Just hope all the Bhoys come back fit from representing their country



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yet again we have one of these pointless breaks forced on us and i'm sure like me most people hate them with a passion. its something that has little or no interest to the average fan and disrupts the domestic game to the point where it has become little more than an irritation to most. supporters shell out a lot of money to watch their teams and cant wait till this enforced nonsense is over. the days of devotion to national sides are long gone and interest has waned to the point of complete apathy. i know i cant speak for everyone but i'm sure the vast majority feel the same way i only want to watch celtic its my overriding focus and dont care a hoot about international football
I think it is grossly unfair, as there is no chance any ranjerks players are gonna get injured, while we can have over half-a-dozen injuries.
yet we receive no compensation (think not) for injuries sustained on international duty. Pray to God no injuries happen.


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Should have posted this after the game yesterday, but it wasn't a usual match day build up.

Usually I meet up with my mates at 12 for lunch, then head tae the pub the supporters bus leaves from for a pre match session & usually joined by rhe restt of the Tartan clan when Gweans finish school.. (They're with their other Gparents & my Sons were working)

Not yesterday the usual 5 down to 3, 2 off on holidays that were booked before the fixture change, so 3 of us , naw my daughter & wee sis decided they tag along for a session, my mates lassies are pals of my lassie. So 3 auld cunts & their crazy female relations, set out for the football.

Absolute fuckin carnage, ffs can they girls drink.


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