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I was thinking how we are all brought up in the Celtic family and understand and respect the ethical roots of our beautiful club.

Some will be Irish Some will be Scots and Some will come from other places.

Nearly all of us have roots in Ireland and mines came over 1860s i think.

My roots hail from Galway.

Which part of the emerald Isle are you closest too or hail from.

HH 儭


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Nae Irish but was in a RFB for 10 years and visited loads of places mainly in the north.Met some cracking people whod do anything for you.Went to Mayo a couple of years back and done Westport and Knock for some spiritual guidance.Hoping to go to the all Ireland final this year.HH
Was at the all Ireland hurling final 2017 then done Kilmainham gaol and Glasnevin cemetery tours where all the old republican heroes are buried ''twas very powerful and a must visit I say go for it my friend you'll not be disappointed oh and the Guinness is great 氣