Is it really a hybrid pitch?


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A lot of comments on state of pitch again. I know we are in Scotland with less light and more rain - but hybrid pitches down South seem to fair a lot better.

I know a lot was made a couple of years ago on the prep work for a hybrid pitch and it was obvious the work was carried out with plenty of publicity from the groundsmans twitter feed, then the turf got relaid in the past summer - But was the hybrid work completed??

Usually, there are loads of pictures of the machines 'stiching' the new pitch turf with the artifical fibres - you can see this on lots of grounds - but none seem to exist of this work a Celtic Park - so I dont think this final stage was done for some reason - any comments to that - and would love to see some pictures if they do exist to be prove wrong.

The work was carried out by SIS and plenty of pictures there of the stiching machines - but none at CP which I thought would have been a big story for them
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I missed the first half, walking into the pub 1of the first things I picked up on was the field looked like a bog, passes along the grass (mud I should say) not really making the distance. Conditions reminded me of running cross country many moons ago. Possibly the worst I've seen CP for some time


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oj17 great topic because I look at the pitch week in and week out and it does not look like a hybrid pitch. Would be good to find out big Peter's view because if he has invested the money (that the club have supposed to have invested) then the company must have botched the job. There is just something not right with the park - it doesn't make any sense that the club themselves are saying nothing?


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I wrote to SIS pitches to ask if they had any pictures of the 'stiching' machines at CP - no response. Is there nobody on this forum in the know? Seems like we/BR were promised a 4million hybrid pitch and it didnt arrive.... whats the Groundsmans name at cp - didnt he have a twitter feed?

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Not much online about it apart from BRs comments from this time last year saying it was 'slightly diseased'. Looks like the installation did indeed take place in the 2018 summer and failed to the point of BR mentioning it by Jan 2019. If the grounds staff continued to plant regular seed to replenish the old then its possible the original work may have died off and worn away? I doubt SIS would leave themselves open to something like natural plant infections when they take on a contract as long as the work they carried out initially was to standard then they might not of been accountable and forced to fix it. If the grass was diseased it may of been considered too much of a strain on it to continue the brushing and stitching?
It was reported the stitching was 1.5m so im guessing the 4m would be a full rip up relay inc.
We could of just decided it was 4m pissed in the wind and shelved the idea once the cost of recovery and a resow followed by a further 4m to try again?


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I think my point was all the prep work was done and turf relaid, a year later the turf was relaid or prepped again all publicised by the grondsmen on his twitter feed- but NO pictures seem to be available that the actual fibre stiching was done at that time - therefore i conclude it was never done and we havent got the hybrid pitch

Then BR mentions a few months later the pitch has a'disease' we seem to have this same 'disease' again this winter - I think this is pure BS as other scottich pitches are in the same state - ibrox pitch in similar state. BR knew then last year he was hoodwinked and we didnt have the hybrid pich as promised - it coud be that was a factor in him slinging his hook

I simply think that the fibre stiching was never done and we have not got a Hybrid pitch - and I dont think you can simply re-turf a hybrid pitch - all the fibres would have to be stiched in again if you re-turfed.

The whole idea of the hybrid is that the turf holds together and you dont have to relay turf every few seasons..

Surely someone out there or at CP witnessed/took pictures of the stiching machines - it takes 2-3 days to do that work...As i said silence from SIS and no pictures of the work on there website

Can anybody shed light on this? Get a jurno to ask questions..


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I remember that the pitch would take 2 years to be fully ready and that it was to be similar to the one at Murrayfield don't know how the 2 of them match up