Is it time for Dermot to cash in his chips


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Thing is, DB - he knows that his other businesses need the clients to survive. He's pretty much assumed he has a captive audience with the Celtic fans. He knows we piss, whine and moan, but he also knows we come back for a double helping year in, year out.

Boab hit the nail on the head. It's a buyer's market in the era of Covid-19 and perhaps that steady revenue stream will dry up as fans have to pay rent, mortgages, taxes and put food on their tables.

The man has an ego though and he doesn't like it when his ego is wounded. Perhaps his ego is worth a few of his pennies to shut up the zombie gloating.
i'm of the opinion that this lot are already or nearing as unpopular as the old board
they give the impression that we are a well run, well funded club etc
they forget that it us fuckers that put the T in turnover
it's them playing with our money
and at the same time, its been an easy ride with the soap opera over govan way

they clearly don't represent us, as seen with the ongoing scandal of governance
they don't communicate with us, they view us as paying fools

i don't want my club to be run on the whims of DD's ego
there are millions of us over the world sick as fuck yesterday and not for the first time this season
meanwhile that cunt sits twiddling his moustache in the bahamas, surrounded by beaches, beautiful women, playing golf/cards, :unsure: this part was meant to be a criticism but ..........

this time next season we'll either be going for 11 or starting again
not too far down the road, the punters will rein it in,
when deila was there and the crowds were half of full,
those are the thick and thin people, win/lose/draw, the lifeblood of the club
when things ain't going our way, they'll be back to those people
then they'll pony up and get a bit of dazzle to put bums on seats
and thats why they're taking us for granted
that dazzle should be there every season, not to bribe fans back



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PL used to say that we were a Champions League team, but, the board don’t buy players for to help us to progress in the CL. They buy cheaper players to sell on as a profit. Not for the sake of the team. But as a profit for the board.
Yes, their model is a business model but we're a massive football club, not some wee diddy club thats doesnt have £80-£90 million turnover trying to generate money