Is Steven Fletcher ever the answer

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If he was scouted and we enquired as to availability then something must be in the plans towards the tactics we will adapt in games, I would not get all upset about it if its a year fro experience, remember Lubo who?
100% (y)
Steven Fletcher as a striker is one of the poorest goal scorers to ever grace the game. A striker who took 12 season to score 100 goals. His highest goal return for a season is 13.
Is this the best Hammond can come up with?
If Celtic sign this waste of a jersey if will severely limit the game time of bayo., Who am sure given the opportunity would score more than him.
Does anyone see the point in signing Fletcher
Vs Bayo for this campaign ? - Definitely 🍀


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If we sign him we will get relegated. Fletcher fell oot with Di Canio because Di Canio kept calling him the "relegator". Take yer pick fae, Hull, Wolves and Sunderland for his relegation medals. ( not sure who and when).
If we sign Fletcher we will be playing Queen of the South and Dundee next season...Championship here we come.
Only kidding, Di Canio did really call him the relegator though!
I think he will get goals for us if he does sign.


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I think the massive difference boab is that pretty much none of us had heard of Lubo before (except for Dr Jo, thankfully) and he was such a gifted skillful player that was still able to perform at a very high level in the twilight of his career. With Fletcher we have all followed his career for 13-14 years and watched him play in dozens and dozens of matches so know exactly what he is capable of.
True but obviously if someone at Celtic reckon he can do something and they can afford a punt, lets waut and see you just never know. If the guy turns out to be pish then the fans should let whoever made the call know what they think of them with no holding back in the language.

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He is such a Celtic fan that the multi-millionaire walks away from the chance of 10IAR hero-worship (plus a reported basic annual salary of around £900K+) to join Stoke fucking City for an extra year's contract!?!?!

If he had believed enough in his own ability he would have negotiated an optional extra year that automatically activated based on his performances and joined us at the start of July for this potentially historic season.