"It might be a good pub question," Celtic Star eyes unique achievement

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"It might be a good pub question," Celtic Star eyes unique achievement...

So Lennon has publicly stated he wanted to keep Hayes.

Hayes has now re-signed for the Sheep deferring a wage for 12 months so he clearly was not going to be difficult to negotiate with from a financial perspective. Value for money I'd say he was more important than most of our young foreign projects.

He has been a significant contributor both on the pitch and off it (according to Broony, CalMac & Lenny). Even the fans who have doubts about his playing ability readily admit to liking his graft and work ethic, particularly in those tough domestic matches with dodgy pitches and even dodgier refs. His versatility provided cover for a number of defensive and attacking options and we had the option that he could have provided support to Taylor or Boli on the left, if required.

And yet we have let him leave when we are about to embark on potentially one of our most historic seasons ever. His wages are relatively low so a one year extension for him to be part of 10IAR at the team he supported as a loon would surely have been easy to justify and close out.

I'm sorry, but the decision to tell him to leave really does not make any sense to me at all.
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